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Spiritual Values in Education

As the only outspoken Christian in this race, I am glad to address this issue.

Of all Christian values, love is the most sacred and therefore most deep-seated value that God intends us to obey. Hate cannot be seated as deeply in our being, because it is not as powerful.

But far too many Christians profess love for Jesus and unknowingly practice hate. Ask yourself if you were alive back then, would you have loved Jesus, or would you have thrown stones at his crucified body?

Stop being so tribal and love one another. Hate has no place in our schools and it has no place in our homes. And stop making parades out of book bannings, anti-LGBQT+ none sense, suspicion about Critical Race Theory and who knows what else.

Public Instruction is failing to nurture children’s spirits, and as a result mental illness is increasing in childhood. You can help by being a role model and demonstrating real Christian values: love, charity, acceptance, service… if you really want to see Christian values in our schools.

If you are Christian, you can help advocate and become leaders in this issue, but only if you can transcend your dogma and advocate for universal spiritual values, like loving neighbors and forgiveness. It doesn’t help whining about everything being unfair and being afraid of literally everything.

The devout should focus on how Public Instruction can nurture their children’s spirit, not about how Public Instruction contradicts their beliefs.

If children learn something at school (or anywhere in the great big world) that contradicts a family or religious belief, it’s up to the man of the house to be an authority and teach the child the proper response, in an authoritative manner and not with violence.

To expect children to only learn things at a school that do not conflict with a narrow viewpoint is unrealistic and impractical. Your child will be stronger and more intelligent if you do not coddle them.

Your child is a spiritual warrior and they need to learn discernment and how to tell truth from lies, right?

Or are you afraid that your child so fragile they will be taken advantage of by evil left wing gender queers? Lol. As a Christian I find this fear so ridiculous. I am NOT afraid. Instead, please realize every child regardless of their family’s traditions and beliefs, needs their spirit nurtured. Far too often Public School is a place where spirits are crushed.

There has to be a way to make school work for families of the devout and also for the adults who show up every day to care for the children. Because it is actually disrespectful to call someone a name they do not wish to be called.

And teachers have to get along with their students in order for learning to occur.

Jesus would use an individual’s chosen name. And Jesus would support unions.

Raising children is difficult, but the Good Lord wants you to be at ease and not be so suspicious about things. So please feel at ease and please vote for the outspoken Christian in this race.

Learn about Critical Race Theory (CRT).

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