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Supportive and Collaborative Leadership

California is in desperate need of leadership. The key to our future lies in our connections and I lead with my feet on the ground, visiting schools, engaging with parents, and discovering creative and inspiring ways I can support families and teachers.

If elected, I will keep my office door open and I will give out a direct line. I will set an example of how leaders should treat women. You will be able to meet me, and have a conversation with me. I would enjoy attending a local school board meeting or helping with a social function at your school. I will lead the California Public School System with my example, by taking the time to speak directly with you about your children, family and school and demonstrating clear care and concerns for all employees under the umbrella of the State Department of Education. 

A lot of candidates talk about how they might support teachers if elected. I will support teachers from day one in office. 

Learn more about how Joseph will use Executive Authority to actually support teachers.

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